The versatility of this matching plaid jacket makes it a cool weather must have. Characterized by button front closure, creates a tailored fit shape.




  • Additional details

    Fabric Skirt/Jacket:Wool 

    Color:Red Plaid

    Fiber Content: 100%  Wool

    Fiber Lining Content: 100%Rayon

    Fully Lined-Skirt /Jacket


    Carrier Shell: 

    Fabrics: Microfiber

    Color: Black

    Fiber Content: 100% Poly Twill


    MODULAR-Ballistic Insert Origin -USA:

    Ballistic Fabric: Gold Flex/ Spectra 3118

    Ballistic Protection Level II-23 Layers

    Ballistic Protection Level III A-32 Layers

    Garment Weight 3 to 5 pounds 

    USPTO - Carrier Shell Patent Approved

    Care Instructions-Dry Clean Only

    Made in New York U.S.A