The classic NY style jacket in Wool blend shell is a relaxed fit, inspired by our original classic jacket, and designed for additional layering. The jacket is design and made in NY . A classic for all seasons and occasions, it can be worn  open and relaxed over dress shirts or T-shirts.

* Signature features: chest pocket, side pockets , sleeve cuff button closure

* Jacket length: 112cm/44.1in. This is based on a size Medium ( US ) as proportions change slightly according to size.

* Model’s height: 5' 10"

* Outer: 100% Wool

* Check lining: 100% poly

* Sleeve lining: 100% poly

* Zipper Detachable: YKK

* Specialist- dry clean

* Made in New York


        # US 9,513,090 B2, 

        # US 9,513,089 B2 

        # US  2014 / 0013495 A1


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Ballistic Level II
  • Our made-in-New York  ready to wear product : effortless style all-year round with a distinctive fits, design to conceal protection and a timeless palette.

    Ballistic Gold Flex Protection

    Currently  we offer two choices Level II & Level III A.

    Please see “ NIJ Ballistic Standards” ( REFERENCE ONLY - N.I.J 0101.06 ) for type or level in details. 


    Armor Level (Higher levels offer protection against more aggressive threats.) The following standard abbreviations are used to designate types of bullets or projectiles :


    * HSP -Hollow Soft Point

    * LRB- Lead Round Ball

    * LRN Lead Round Nose

    * LSWC  Lead Semi-Wadcutter

    * JSP- Jacketed Soft Point

    * LFP- Lead Flat Point  

    * SJHP- Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point

    * SWHP- Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point

    * JHP- Jacketed Hollow Point

    * FMC/J- Full Metal Case/ Full metal Jacket

    * FMJTC- Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone